Fee Schedule


Fee DescriptionAmount
2nd Chance Checking Account Reopening$25.00 ea.
Overdraft /Non-Sufficient Funds (Checking & ACH)$30.00 ea.
Cash Points Deposited Return Check Charge$30.00 ea.
Stop Payment (ACH/Checking/Teller Checks/Bill Pay)$30.00 ea.
Check Copies (ACH/Checking/Teller Checks/Bill Pay)$1.50 ea.
Counter Checks (per sheet)$5.00 ea.
Teller Checks $2.00 ea.
Debit Card Replacement$10.00 ea.
Debit Card PIN Replacement$10.00 ea.
Debit Card Express Mail$35.00 ea.
Cash Points Deposit Card$2.00 ea.
Business Checking Account$20.00 mo.
Money Market balances below $250.00 $2.00 mo.
Money Market over transaction limit $2.00 mo.
Visa Credit Card Replacement Card$5.00 ea.
Christmas Club Early Closure (prior to Oct 1)$10.00 ea.
Incoming Wires$5.00 ea.
Outgoing Wires$20.00 ea.
International Wire $40.00 ea.
Fax Page$1.00 ea.
Money Orders$1.00 ea.
Inactive Member Check Cashing$5.00 ea.
Non-member Check Cashing$10.00 ea.
Garnishment$50.00 ea.
Safety Deposit replacement key$30.00 ea.
Safety Deposit (drill)$150.00 ea.
New Account Closure Fee$15.00 ea.
Address Locator $5.00 ea.
Account Reconciliation/Investigation$30.00 hr.
Statement copies (after first copy)$1.50 ea.
Escheats$25.00 ea.
Insufficient Return Checks$15.00 ea.
Visa Credit Card Late Payment$25.00 ea.
Loan Service Fee (Collateral loans only)$45.00 ea.
Loan Late Pmt. Fee (exc. Visa) after 15 days late 3% of pmt.- Min. $3