Home Banking

ACCESS YOUR HOME BANKING Use our FREE Home Banking to review all your accounts from the convenience of your computer.  Some of the features available through Home Banking are:

  • Free home banking service
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer of your choice
  • Check and review any and all of your different accounts
  • Transfer money safely between accounts
  • Set up transfers and payments to other financial institutions with our free and convenient Bill Pay
  • Review your history on each account
  • Monitor your direct deposits. Get free check copies through Statement Express

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Bill Pay is a FREE online service that takes the worry out of paying your monthly bills on time by ensuring your bills are paid on a recurring specified date. As long as the money is in your account at the time of a scheduled bill, Bill Pay will handle the rest.

Here are just a few benefits of signing up for Bill Pay today:

  • Safe
  • Convenient, 24/7 online access
  • Easy to schedule payments
  • No more writing checks that get lost in the mail
  • Review and change scheduled payments anytime
  • See history and confirmation number of scheduled payments
  • Have your payment records always available and organized

Find more information by clicking this link – Bill Pay

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Visa Credit Card Payment

Your VISA Credit Card Account payment can now be paid on-line through our online access. This accessible benefit is a great service Riegelwood Federal Credit Union offers to their VISA Credit Card members:

  • Safe, convenient, and easy
  • View your statement anytime
  • Just click and pay to never miss a payment again


RFCU is going through a VISA CREDIT CARD conversion.

A NEW ONLINE PAYMENT LINK will be available soon.


CREDIT CARD CALL: 1-855-553-0908

Statement Express

Enjoy your online credit union statements sent directly to your Home Banking site each month. Your statements are available online 24/7 to view and print.

Some of the benefits of using Statement Express

  • Guaranteed to be safe, secure, and convenient
  • Never lose your statements again
  • Have viewing access to six months of statements at a time
  • View your Statement Express through your Home Banking.

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