buck-300x266RFCU has always been a youth/family friendly credit union. The creativity and energetic sparks produced through our staff has contributed to the success of our Youth Buck Club Savings program. We plan events and activities throughout the year that bring education and joy to the youth.

Dates to remember!

April & May is filled with a hoooooootin’ time at Riegelwood Federal Credit Union. Many new youth accounts will be opened and saving money will be a priority to club members.

Below you will see a list of events going on in 2017 for our Buck Club Members!

March 15 – April 11 Easter Basket Sweepstakes(Click for details)
March 15- May 15Whitelake Leadership Camp
COOP Brochure 2017
(Click for details)
April 1 – May 31Buck Club Youth Saving Months(Click for details)
April 1 – 30Credit Union National Association Savings Challenge(Click for details)
April 1- May 15 Youth & Furry Friend Photo Contest(Click for details)
May 15- June 1Whitelake Water Park Invitations
June 10Whitelake Water Park Celebration(Click for details)