water-parkYou don’t want to miss all the fun we have at White Lake Water Park in June! RFCU rents the park for our youth member celebration. All youth making a deposit during RFCU Youth Months of April and May will receive a special invitation to this event. Be on the lookout for your special invitation coming in the mail!

buck-300x266RFCU encourages you to snoop around and find Buck some new club members.  Telling your friends and family about The Buck Club can put some cash in your stash.

Here’s how:  Each Buck Club Member that tells another youth (friend or family) about the credit union and they open a NEW Buck Club Account anytime during the year, you will be awarded a $10 deposit into their savings account. But… the new member must tell us you sent them or we have no way of knowing!

It’s a great time to encourage new youth members to join…they can celebrate with you at the water park this year!!

Tell your friend this is how they can open a NEW BUCK CLUB YOUTH ACCOUNT:

  • Your friend must be under the age of 18 to open a youth account.
  • They need to have parent/guardian consent…bring a parent with them to open the account.
  • Tell the Parent/Guardian to bring their state issued photo ID.
  • Tell your friend to bring their Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.
  • Tell your friend to bring at least $5 to make a deposit at time of opening the account.